Dalton Ebook

This is the place for info about the ebook of CP Coulter's Dalton.  If you are not familiar with it you should definitely check it out, there is a link up above.

Please feel free to follow for updates.

If you want to know more about who compiled it all I am Beth and can be found here.

Please feel free to let me know if you appreciated/used/have suggestions/whatever here.  

Hope you enjoy it!

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Hello! Firstly I'd just like to say you're doing an amaaazing job with this :) I'm wondering...if I download the whole story now, when Dalton updates+you update the ebook, do I have to download the whole thing again or is there a way to just take the updates? Thank you again :)
daltonebook daltonebook Said:

Thanks! :)

When I do the updates I add the new chapter to the existing file so that the new file has everything together to make it simpler. This does mean you will have to redownload the whole thing each time time it is updated.  Hope this is okay, it just seemed simpler than trying to coordinate a bunch of chapter updates.

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